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Focused Teaching in a Changing World

The pastoral leadership, board members and administration of the St. John Christian Heritage Academy believe that children who enroll in the academy have the right to a solid and well-rounded education within a Christian atmosphere.  We believe the students should have role models before them that exemplify Christian principles.  We believe all children can learn, and the aim of the academy is to work toward the highest principles of education for the benefit of our students.

Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, the staff’s purpose is to constantly encourage, sustain and reinforce parental support while providing the best education possible for the children.  Further, the Academy seeks to develop students who are caring, self-disciplined, respectable, respectful and responsible citizens who relate well to their peers and adults.  We are committed to preparing our students to move on to their next level of learning with unwavering confidence. 

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