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"...while literacy and math skills are “necessary for success in college and in life…they’re not by themselves sufficient. A more well-rounded education is critical for a safe, supportive and enjoyable learning environment.”  John King, Former U. S. Secretary of Education (neaToday, June 21, 2016) 
At St. John Christian Heritage Academy we agree that students need a well-rounded education with a Christian base that prepares them to successfully live in today's world.  
In addition to the basic 'reading, writing and arithmetic', we provide Biblical enlightenment and give students experiences that cover many different areas. Health and wellness, problem solving, the arts, critical thinking, and other enrichment activities play an important role in the academy's balanced curriculum. 

St. John Christian Heritage Academy students receive a firm well-rounded education so they can embark upon a life journey that will end with success.




At St. John Christian Heritage Academy, we recognize the importance of providing spiritual inspiration with music during early childhood development.  Music classes important opportunities for guiding young children to learn about the elements of music, to discover how to make their own music, and how to bring glory and honor to God through their music and musical choices. The St. John Christian Heritage Academy serves as an introduction of little voices singing for the Lord. Because movement is integral to the assimilation of musical concepts for young children, early childhood music lessons utilize a variety of movement activities and games to teach concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch, form, and expressive elements.


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